Regis and Ann Margaret Hogan release Documenting Sound tape for Boomkat

Regis has put together a Documenting Sound tape with Ann Margaret Hogan for Boomkat Editions.

This latest tape was recorded at each artist’s respective home: Regis in The Wirral and Hogan in London. (“I’m at my mom’s, drinking all day and on the dole… it’s 1986 all over again,” Regis says.) Reversing Into Tomorrow features Wurlitzer organ, baby grand piano, bells and “shortwave radio signals,” with most of the acoustic instruments coming from Hogan and the electronics from Regis.

Hogan is a long-time British musician and producer, also known as Anni Hogan, who released an LP on Regis’s label Downwards called Honeysuckle Burials earlier this year. She also appeared on Regis’s latest album, Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss, in May.

Previous Documenting Sound entries include Sarah Davachi, Jamal Moss, Lawrence English, Kevin Drumm and more. Jonnine Standish’s contribution, Blue Hills, received an RA Recommends review.

01. Reversing Into Tomorrow

Reversing Into Tomorrow is out now via Boomkat Editions>