Parris is back on The Trilogy Tapes with new EP, Polychrome Swim

Parris‘s first solo EP in two years is out now.

Polychrome Swim finds the UK producer back on The Trilogy Tapes after his acclaimed 2 Vulture EP in 2017. The new EP, which features three new tracks, was released today to coincide with this month’s Bandcamp no-fees Friday.

This is Parris’s first solo release since 2018’s Puro Rosaceaes on Idle Hands. Last year, he collaborated with Call Super on CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK and contributed to the fourth instalment of the FYE series on Martyn’s 3024 label.

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Listen to Polychrome Swim.

01. Harajuku Girls
02. Yūrei

03. Aqua Surge

Polychrome Swim is out now on The Trilogy Tapes.