object blue and TSVI to release collaborative EP, Hyperaesthesia

object blue and TSVI are putting out a joint project called Hyperaesthesia.

Out September 25th, the four-track EP will arrive through TSVI’s Nervous Horizon label. It includes a remix by Loraine James and a vinyl bonus track, “Syntax.”

“I was curious to see how TSVI and I could merge our sounds, whether we could supplement each other without eclipsing one another,” object blue said. “I never thought I could write with somebody else but this happened so easily. It’s been a liberating process, just a pure pursuit of fun, yelling in our chairs when we dropped the beat.”

Last year, both TSVI and object blue contributed to Nervous Horizon’s third compilation. Read our Label Of The Month feature from February.

Listen back to object blue’s recent Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

01. Thought Experiment

02. Turing Machine

03. Thought Experiment (Loraine James Remix)

04. Syntax (Vinyl Bonus Track)

Nervous Horizon will release Hyperaesthesia EP on Septemer 25th, 2020.