New compilation, Re:Conceive, raises money to fight racism and xenophobia in Quebec

A new Montreal collective called Re:Conceive is raising money to fight racism and xenophobia in the province of Quebec.

The 19-track compilation features new tracks from local artists like Ouri, Feu St-Antoine, Boha, Racine, Tourment and more.

“It aims to activate solidarity between indigenous peoples, settlers, immigrants and refugees alike,” according to the release notes. “With the arrival of the rising global tide of right wing politics in ‘Québec,’ and the unaddressed history and continuance of colonialism and structural white supremacy in ‘Canada’ at large, it is high time that we reconceive of our history, our present, and our way forward.”

Funds raised from tthe album will go towards The Native Women’s Shelter Of Montreal and the Just Solutions Clinic.

Preview Re:Conceive. For more info or to purchase the compilation, check out the Bandcamp page.

01. Anderson MidNite – United

02. Non-Being Ad Nauseam – Ovaling

03. Honeydrip & Victor Bongiovanni – Whats Ur Damage!?

04. Racine – De Son Vrai Nom (Naguère(s))

05. Ouri – Free State Of Chaos

06. Valeda – Safe Now

07. Witnessing – iwillalwaysfindawaytoholdyou

08. CubeLife

09. Holobody – 011 (Anabasine Starlight Mix)

10. Moonstarr – AC 130

11. Tati Au Miel – 150 Reasons

12. Tourment – AK47

13. ÑERO – Escala

14. See You – Escucha

15. Igitego MusoNi – Skawanoti

16. Teo Zamudo – Reset

17. Feu St-Antoine – Enantodromia

18. Boha – Hallowed Utterance

19. Awwful – Casual Hell

Re:Conceive is out now.