New compilation focuses on Lim Giong, the 'godfather of Taiwanese experimental electronic music'

A new charity comp, A Pure Person, focuses on the Taiwanese artist Lim Giong’s 2001 cut, “A Perfect Person.”

In Taiwan, Giong is known as the “‘godfather of Taiwanese experimental electronic music.” A close collaborator of key Taiwanese new wave director Hou Hsiao-hsien, the focus of the new collection is “A Pure Person,” Jiong’s song for the iconic opening sequence of the Hsiao-hsien’s 2001 film, Millennium Mambo, which largely focuses on the nightlife community of Taipei. (Taipei resident Tzusing recently recreated the opening scene on Instagram.)

The collection includes a new cut from Giong called “Recite 念,” as well as versions of “A Pure Person” from Taiwanese and diaspora artists Alex Zhang Hungtai, Non-Confinded Space, Jieh, YuYing Hsu and Giong’s frequent creative partner, Point.

A new label, Pure Person Press, will put out A Pure Person, with plans to reissue music from Jiong’s catalogue and other pieces of Taiwanese culture.

Listen to Lim Giong’s “Recite 念.”

01. Lim Giong – Recite 念
02. Point – A Pure Person 單純的人

03. YuYing Hsu – A Pure Person 單純的人

04. Alex Zhang Hungtai – A Pure Person 單純的人
05. Non-Confined Space – A Pure Person 單純的人

06. Jieh – A Pure Person 單純的人

Pure Person Press will release A Pure Person on October 15th, 2020.