Nene H and Poly Chain kick off new Ukrainian label, Standard Deviation

Nene H and Poly Chain are minting ‘s new label, Standard Deviation, next month.

Touching on techno, electro and acid across four tracks, the upcoming split EP is due out in September. The new platform plans to highlight conceptual electronic music, with a particular focus on emerging artists. As their Bandcamp states, Standard Deviation intends to “foster collaborative intercultural exchange between an aspiring Ukrainian scene and the world.”

∄ is a venue based in Ukraine. Nene H is a Turkish producer splitting her time between Berlin and Copenhagen, with recent releases on Intrepid Skin and Eotrax. Poly Chain is a Ukrainian composer and radio host, with albums on BAS.Kolektyw, Mondoj, Into The Light Records and Transatlantyk under her belt.

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A1 Nene H – Unbroken Flow Of Words And Tears

A2 Nene H – Treatment For Figurative Love

B1 Poly Chain – Render Slave

B2 Poly Chain – Jerry

Standard Deviation will release Standard Deviation on September 25th, 2020.