Mr Beatnick reveals new album, Honeycomb

Mr Beatnick will release a new LP called Honeycomb on his own Mythstery Records imprint in June.

It’s Nick Wilson’s second album and the long-awaited follow up to his debut LP, The Synthetes Trilogy, released in 2013 on Don’t Be Afraid. Integrating piano, kalimba, live percussion and array of synths, the label describes Honeycomb as a “modern day library record.”

“I found myself getting more and more obsessed with beehives during the course of making the album,” Wilson says on the title, “with the grooves providing a kind of structure for my synths to swarm around.” In an attempt to accentuate the warm house sound he’s become known for, the LP was mixed at The Whole Truth’s Sugar Factory studio in East Ham, giving the affair a ’70s sheen.

Listen to the title track.

01. Honeycomb
02. Noah’s Mood

03. Broken Fury

04. Hollow Peter

05. Sixth Sense

06. Invisible Escalator

07. Royal Jelly

08. Orion

09. To Meet Her

10. Luxette

Mythstery Records will release Honeycomb on June 12th, 2020.