Mexican club Yu Yu and Infinite Machine team up for new compilation

Mexico City-based venue Yu Yu and Mexican label Infinite Machine are putting out a compilation.

The compilation features the likes of Mexico-based artists El Irreal Veintiuno, AAAA, O.M.A.A.R., Loris, CNDSD MicrohmViiaan and Turning Torso. Also appearing on the album are Tomás Urquieta, KOI and Nico. The record lands on June 5th.

Yu Yu has launched a fundraising campaign to support their staff and assist with rent payment through the pandemic. Donations will be rewarded with records and tickets to future events at the venue. Proceeds from the compilation, meanwhile, will be equally split between the artists.

Listen to El Irreal Veintiuno’s “Demagogia.”

01. El Irreal Veintiuno – Demagogia

02. Turning Torso – Los Dos

03. Benfika – Torrente

04. AAAA – Phased Flashing On A Building

05. Microhm – Kyoke

06. Viiaan – Garble

07. O.M.A.A.R. – Sabe

08. Camila Fuchs – Settle Down

09. CNDSD – Leitmotiv

10. KOI – Kaan

11. Loris – Jaras

12. Nico – Walk

13. Tomás Urquieta – Midake

14. Undefined Pattern – En Contra

15. Deeplinkin – Neupashet

Infinite Machine will release YuYu x Infinite Machine V​/​A on June 5th, 2020.