Lutto Lento details new album on Haunter Records, Legendo

Lutto Lento has announced his next album.

Out via Haunter Records on February 5th, 2021, Legendo is the Polish producer’s first full-length since his 2017 debut album, Dark Secret World. The album was written, arranged, composed and mixed by Lento, and sees features from vocalist John Glacier, guitarist Adam Repucha and koto player Katarzyna Karpowicz.

The twelve-track record is partly inspired by Poland and its folk music. The fifth track gets its name from the 1897 painting “Skarby Sezamu” by Stanislaw Wyspiański and the seventh cut, “Iskiereczka” references a 19th-century lullaby called “Na Wojtusia z Popielnika.”

Lutto Lento is a producer based in Warsaw. Earlier this year, he put out a mini album, Fortuna through DUNNO Recordings. Back in 2019, he released a track on Haunter Records’ Forever compilation.

Listen to Lutto Lento’s 2017 RA podcast.

Listen to “Horned Heart.”

01. Intro

02. Mortal Fools

03. Excerpt

04. VERSION Epilogue

05. Skarby Sezamu feat. Adam Repucha

06. POND (live)

07. Iskiereczka

08. Wheel

09. Horned Heart feat. Katarzyna Karpowicz

10. Angels feat. John Glacier

11. Untitled

12. Fern Flowers

Haunter Records will release LEGENDO on February 5th, 2021.

Photo credit: Milena Liebe