L'Appel Du 8 Mars launches anonymous survey for women and nonbinary DJs and producers

L’Appel Du 8 Mars has created a survey for women and nonbinary DJs and producers around the world.

The 30 question survey is open to people around the world, and covers topics such as the history of the artist’s career, what kind of equipment they use, what kind of challenges they face, what kind of help they receive and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their lives and livelihoods.

The survey was partly launched in response to Rebekah‘s #ForTheMusic campaign, as well as recent stories about harassment and discrimination in the electronic music industry.

The survey, which is available here, will be online until December 15th. The group hope to release a full report with data analyses by the end of the year.

L’Appel Du 8 Mars is an event that takes place on International Women’s Day each year in Paris, featuring roundtable discussions, presentations and DJ sets from women and nonbinary artists.

Illustration: Marion Pacheteau