E-Saggila reveals new album, Corporate Cross, on Hospital Productions

E-Saggila‘s new album is coming out next month on Hospital Productions.

Canada-based Iraqi sound artist Rita Mikhael will release her nine-track third album Corporate Cross via Dominick Fernow’s storied label. Out November 20th, the LP “scans through the themes of novelty in human and animal, endemic and deterioration, and the sub-systems of our concealed environment,” according to Mikhael.

This record follows her 2019 RA-recommended album for Northern Electronics called My World My Way and her 2018 debut album, Dedicated To Sublimity, on BANK Records.

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Listen to “Redcloud.”

01. Redcloud
02. Replica

03. 9 Digest

04. Mouth In Reach

05. Cellygrin

06. For The Butterfly

07. Slowland

08. Corporate Cross

09. Mantis Print

Hospital Productions will release Corporate Cross on November 20th, 2020.