Donato Dozzy and Eva Geist team up on new album, Il Quadro Di Troisi

Donato Dozzy and Eva Geist are releasing an album together called Il Quadro Di Troisi.

The record features Geist on vocals and Dozzy on electronics, along with a handful of guest musicians playing guitar, bass, flute, piano and other acoustic instruments. Il Quadro Di Troisi is inspired by the late Italian actor and director Massimo Troisi—the title translates to “the picture of Troisi”—and is something of a tribute to Italian popular music over the decades, touching on Italo disco, synth pop and more. (It also includes contributions from legendary Italian DJ Pietro Micioni.)

German label Raster will release the LP on October 16th, digitally, and on vinyl and CD on November 13th. It’s a collaboration with Italian festival Terraforma, meant to mark the special relationship between Raster and Italy. You can read more about Terraforma festival here.

Listen to “Raggio Verde.”

01. Il Giudizio

02. Beata

03. Sfere Di Qi

04. Non Ricordi

05. Intenzioni

06. Raggio Verde

07. Real

08. Se Ne Va

09. On The Site

10. L’Ipotesi

Raster will release Il Quadro Di Troisi on October 16th, 2020.