DJ Godfather's debut solo album, Electro Beats For Freaks, spans 44 tracks

DJ Godfather is releasing a 44-track album called Electro Beats For Freaks.

Though Brian Jeffries has been a staple of the Detroit ghettotech scene for decades (since he started DJing as a teenager), this is the first time he’s released a full solo album. The 44 tracks on Electro Beats For Freaks—which run almost two hours long—touch on ghettotech, juke, electro and Baltimore club, and are mostly previously unreleased. Collaborators include Goodmoney G100, King Saadi, Lil Mz 313 and more.

Electro Beats For Freaks lands in November on Jeffries’ recently revived Databass label. Next year, Databass will release a series of EPs featuring alternate or extended versions of tracks from the LP.

Listen to a clip of “Godzilla 2020.”

01. Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

02. Bitch Get Off Me feat. Parkhouse

03. D3T-313

04. Keep My Name Out Your Mouth feat. Lil Mz 313

05. Bounce Dat Ass feat. Goodmoney G100

06. Show Some Respect

07. Godzilla 2020

08. Shut The Fuck Up feat. King Saadi

09. Only One City

10. Make The Ass Go BOOM feat. Goodmoney G100

11. Get It Girl

12. Rebirth Of A City

13. It’s On Again feat. Goodmoney G100

14. Games With WOPR

15. Late Night Funk

16. Wack DJ feat. Goodmoney G100

17. King Of The Circle

18. Jit Like Me feat. Parkhouse

19. Elektro Rok

20. High feat. Goodmoney G100

21. Jit Or Die

22. Work The M.F. feat. Parkhouse

23. Sunday Morning Spliff

24. They Wanna See My Footwork feat. Goodmoney G100

25. The Battle

26. Owe You Shit feat. Lil Mz 313

27. Booty Funk

28. These Strippers feat. Dan Diamond

29. Certified Freak Hoe feat. King Saadi

30. Up All Night feat. Christina Chriss

31. Loud Mouth feat. Goodmoney G100

32. I’m Drunk, I’m High feat. Parkhouse

33. Woooooo!

34. Big Girl feat. Parkhouse

35. The D

36. But Her Friend feat. Goodmoney G100

37. 313 Keep It Down

38. Nights At The Packard

39. Like Some Dubstep

40. Blow The Bitch Down feat. Goodmoney G100

41. Do It!

42. Detroit After Dark

43. Let Me See That Jit

44. Smoke In Da Air

Databass will release Electro Beats For Freaks on November 20th, 2020.