Cormac starts new label, Polari Records, with EP from Kiwi

Northern Irish DJ Cormac is starting a label.

Polari Records is named for the old-fashioned gay slang used in Britain since at least the Victorian era. The label will showcase producers that Cormac plays in his sets, and each release will feature artwork from LGBTQ+ artists.

The first EP comes from London’s Kiwi, who runs the Crossbreed label and event series—a party that “encourages freedom of expression and hedonism”—where he “reconnected” with Cormac earlier this year. The artwork for Kiwi’s Hit Me EP comes from Berlin artist SHREK 666.

Listen to “Hit Me.”

01. Hit Me

02. Clack The Fan

03. Schulze

Polari Records will release Hit Me on September 4th, 2020.