Constellation Tatsu releases fall tape batch including Loris S. Sarid's Music For Tomato Plants

Ambient cassette label Constellation Tatsu has released its latest seasonal batch of tapes.

Based in Oakland, California, the self-described label that’s “adventurous with spiritual artistic sensibilities” has three new full-length tapes out for autumn. The fall batch features Loris S. Sarid’s Music For Tomato Plants, Anthéne and Andrew Tasselmyer’s Progressions and Areopagus by Humanherb.

Steven Ramsey’s label has previously released music from the likes of H. Takahashi, Sarah Davachi, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Mary Lattimore & Maxwell August Croy. For more on the cassette outlet, read Bandcamp’s guide.

Listen to Music For Tomato Plants, watch a teaser for the fall batch and check out all the new releases on Constellation Tatsu’s Bandcamp.

Loris S. Sarid – Music For Tomato Plants
01. Orizzontale verticale
02. Posture
03. Ferns And I
04. Adaptor
05. Toad

06. O Like A Tomato
07. Tano

Anthéne and Andrew Tasselmyer – Progressions
01. Progressions, Pt 1
02. Progressions, Pt 2
03. Progressions, Pt 3
04. Progressions, Pt 4
05. Progressions, Pt 5

06. Progressions, Pt 6
07. Progressions, Pt 7

08. Progressions, Pt 8

09. Progressions, Pt 1 (Reprise)

Humanherb – Areopagus
01. Initiation
02. Ablution
03. Metempsychosis
04. Khe-Chara

05. Alms
06. Trochaic Eidolon
07. Proselyse

Music For Tomato Plants, Progressions and Areopagus are out now on Constellation Tatsu.

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