Brian Eno and Massive Attack join calls for an end to Israel's blockade on Gaza amid the pandemic

200 artists have signed a letter calling for Israel to lift its siege on the embattled Gaza Strip.

The letter calls for international pressure in the form of a military embargo against Israel, demanding that they lift their embargo on Gaza amid fears that its two million inhabitants, as well as its limited medical facilities, are at heightened risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter was published Wednesday, marking two years after Israel killed 60 protestors in Gaza. It’s signed by 200 artists including electronic musicians Brian Eno, Massive Attack, Violet, Luke Younger (Helm) and Hiro Kone, who join a larger list that includes Roger Waters, Alia Shawkat, Julie Christie, Thurston Moore, Steve Coogan, Irvine Welsh, Peter Gabriel and Naomi Klein.

The letter specifically calls for Israel to lift the siege “so that Gaza can address its severe shortages of medical equipment,” backing Amnesty International’s call for an international military embargo until Israel fully complies with the rights guaranteed to refugees under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Read the letter.

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