Blacksea Não Maya to release new EP, Máquina de Vênus, on Príncipe

Lisbon trio Blacksea Não Maya is putting out an new project on Príncipe next week.

Máquina de Vênus is the crew’s first release on the label since Calor No Frioo, which landed back in 2015. The project comprises eight tracks, six of which are produced by DJ Kolt. DJ Perigoso and DJ Noronha also contribute one track each to the EP.

Blacksea Não Maya is a North Lisbon-based kuduro collective, made up of two brothers, DJ Kolt and DJ Noronha, and their friend DJ Peligroso.

Listen to “Africanalidade”.

A1. DJ Kolt – Terror

A2. DJ Kolt – Obscuro

A3. DJ Kolt – 7even

A4. DJ Kolt – Tchiling District

B1. DJ Perigoso – Horizonte

B2. DJ Kolt – Bubadagash

B3. DJ Noronha – Estranhos & Loucos

B4. DJ Kolt – Africanalidade

Príncipe will release Máquina de Vênus on September 4th, 2020.