Bibio releasing his 12th album on Warp in June

Stephen Wilkinson, AKA Bibio, is putting out his next LP on June 12th.

Sleep On The Wing comes just over a year after his last album, Ribbons, and label Warp Records says it delves into the same sounds, namely influences from folk music and excerpts from Wilkinson’s field recordings. It was recorded mostly over the last year, with some elements and tracks taken from past recordings.

Of the title track (and first single), Wilkinson says: “Lyrically, I feel that the song has two aspects to it: The idea of being in the wake of a loss, and with hope, continuing the life of someone who has passed… The other aspect to the song is perhaps more direct, and talks of escaping the city to find peace in the countryside, but the title is more a celebration of dreaming and the liberating power of imagination, not necessarily a physical escape.”

Watch the video for “Sleep On The Wing.”

01. Sleep On The Wing

02. A Couple Swim

03. Lightspout

04. Oakmoss

05. Miss Blennerhassett

06. The Milkyway Over Ratlinghope

07. Awpockes

08. Crocus

09. Otter Shadows

10. Warching Thus, The Heron Is All Pool

Warp Records will release Sleep On the Wing on June 12th, 2020.