Beijing club Zhao Dai holds beachside festival with promoters from across China

Zhao Dai is hosting a beachside festival near Beijing this weekend.

Zhao Dai Seaside is taking place on the beaches of Qin Huang Dao, at the Golden Coast of Aranya, due east of Beijing. It’s the result of an effort in finding safer, outdoor spaces sanctioned by the government after dealing with shutdowns and restrictions amid the pandemic.

In a first of its kind effort, Zhao Dai has worked with clubs from across China—Shanghai’s Elevator and All, Shenzhen’s Oil and Chengdu’s Tag—to bring 45 artists into one place celebrating the country’s dance music scene.

“In a time when indoor get-togethers have been characterized by utmost exposedness, the outside,” Zhao Dai explains, “outdoors or simply nature has become an important nucleus of community building.”

Artists booked include Laughing Ears, Hyph11E, Zaliva-D and Medusa’s Mau Mau and Michael Cignarale, among many others. For the full lineup, check out the flyer below and the event listing.

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