Bandcamp Friday: September 4th

Bandcamp is donating all its usual fees to artists from midnight to midnight PDT today, Friday, September 4th, as the scene continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

This is now the sixth time Bandcamp has waived its fees. The music platform announced in July that it would extend the practice through the rest of the year, with Bandcamp Friday falling on the first Friday of each month.

In addition, Bandcamp now hosts a searchable Black Bandcamp database, featuring thousands of Black artists and labels on the platform. To mark the recent surge in protests for Black trans people, there’s also the crowdsourced lists Black Femme Identifying Electronic Music Artists and Black Trans & Nonbinary Bandcamp Day.

For more recent releases, our list from August’s no-fees Friday is here.

Read Matt McDermott’s feature on how Bandcamp is changing underground music.

Albums & LPs

Actress – Karma & Desire
Afrikan Sciences Presents: Zano Bathroom’s Universe From A Different Hip Hop
ASC – Pattern Recognition: Second Sequence
Avalon Emerson – DJ-Kicks
Bar Italia – Quarrel
Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Live At Le Guess Who? 2018
Blacksea Não Maya (DJ Kolt, DJ Perigoso, DJ Noronha)- Máquina de Vénus
Colour Club Records – VA001
Conducta – KIWI DIREKT
Christoph de Babalon – Recurring Horrors
Deadbeat & The Mole – Deadbeat Meets The Mole
Desire Lines – Desire Lines Vol. 1 (all proceeds go to QueerCare)

ENIX INRI – Safe As Houses
Extra Muros (Slikback, Karun, FlexFab, Tite, Pier Alfeo, Jinku, KMRU) – Kenya
Felbm – Tape 3/Tape 4
Gop Tun – V​​.​​Acina vol​​.​​2
Grand River – Blink A Few Times To Clear Your Eyes
Grief Into Rage: A Compilation For Beirut (all proceeds go to Lebanese Red Cross and the Beirut Musicians’ Fund)

Growing – The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light (Expanded)
Hieroglyphic Being – All God’s Children
hobie – strugglebus vol. 1
Howie Lee – 7 Weapons Series
Il Quadro di Troisi (Eva Geist & Donato Dozzy) – Il Quadro di Troisi
Infinity Knives – Dear, Sudan
jez riley french – audible silence weaves
John Frusciante – Maya
John-Robin Bold – Demonstrations
Josiah Steinbrick – Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue
Kamixlo – Cicatriz
Krunk Kulture – Kaala Khatta – Flavours Of The East
La China de La Gasolina – La China de La Gasolina
Laraaji – Moon Piano
Last Life – Recon
Lena Raine – Reknowing
Lila Tirando a Violeta – Limerencia
Ma3azef – Nisf Madeena (all proceeds go to Fundraising Campaign For The Arts And Culture Community In Beirut, Beirut Musicians’ Fund and Beit el Baraka)

Mike Cooper – Playing With Water
Miki Yui – Aperio
• Model Home – Live 5/12/20, 18, SE
Model Home x His Name Is Alive – Versions Returned
Morphine Records – The Sacred Rage (all proceeds go to Beirut recovery efforts)

New World Dysorder – WW1
Off The Meds – Off The Meds
Oliver Coates – skins n slime
Onipa – À l’ombre des roches
Organizatsiya – We No Be Machine Rewired
oui ennui – Understanding
Panic Girl – Cake on Jupiter Remixes
Phelimuncasi – Phelimuncasi: 2013 – 2019
Phew – Vertigo KO
P.J. Swerve – Selected Works ’15 – ’20
Protect-U – In Harmony Of An Interior World
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – ¿¿Ohh​?​? (for Folke Rabe)
Reuben Vaun Smith – Warm Nights
Rhythm Lab Records – Co-Lab Theory
RUI HO – Lov3 & L1ght
Seldom Seen – Feel The Beat
Sermon 3 Recordings – Sermon 4 Anniversary
SFX – XquisiteForce​.​collection​/​01
Siavash Amini – A Mimesis Of Nothingness
Slikback – ///
Suburban Cracked Collective – Swimming Amongst The Dregs
Thaba – Eyes Rest Their Feet
Tom Moulton – Tom Moulton’s Philadelphia (Unreleased Mixes)
Tonal Unity – Tonal Unity Vol. 2
United Identities – Modern Intimacy Volume 1
William Basinski – Lamentations
Wona – Thanatoid Butterfly
Woozy – Woozy001
Zenker Brothers – Cosmic Transmission

Tracks & EPs

2Lanes – Baby’s Born To Fish​.​.​. / Impish Desires
30/70 – Fluid Motion Remixed
AceMo & Les Sins (Toro Y Moi) – C’mon Les’Go
Adonis – “Do It Properly (The JackerZ Delight Version)”
A.G. – [virgo]
Aircode – effortless
Alex Roth – “Between Land And Sea”
Andy Garvey – More Than Meets The Eye
Anz – Loos In Twos (NRG)
Arcane – Labyrinth
Arma – Turning Point
Arp Frique – Minina Bem Li
Barraco Barner – Phil Collins, You Taught Me How To Be
Bass Clef – Dharma Rain (all proceeds to Refugee Action)

Bazrah –Numbers
Bliss Point – Ah Ha! / Biking Past The Water Club
Bored Lord – Delusional Breaks
brin – Featherdrift
C. Scott – Leaving U
Caswell James – Corazon Angustiado (Juju & Jordash and Chicago Skyway Remixes)
Commodo – Loan Shark
Diamonstein – Asleep In The Creek 1-2
Divine Interface & Stefan Ringer – POV
DJ Clea – Historia
• DJ Deeon – Lost Tracks Vol. 1, No Justice
DJ Judy (MarceauxMarceaux) – Never Stop Yourself
DJ Noir x Sonic D – “The Swell”
DJ Swisha – Nothing But Net
DJ Swisha & P.J. Swerve – Edits
• DMX Krew – The Is No Enduring Self, The New Age Travellers, Standing Stones, Reith Trax
Doctor Jeep – Abyss [SPE​:​C 015 10]
dreamcastmoe – Lamont
Drum Thing – Space Hulk EP
Ed Isar – Astral Dreams
FAUZIA – are you hoping for a miracle?
Felbm – Tape 3
Fulacht Fiadh – Mystery Mountain Hop
Fuuka ASMR – Hyperpop 3
Gavsborg – Jamaican Drum Machine
Gina Jeanz- “Curious” feat. Jackie Queens & Lana Crowster
• Glenn Underground – Chicago Theme Last Laugh, Crescendo & Urban Ensemble
Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg – JAC
Grove – “Big Poppa”
Happa – Explorations In Music For Dancing: Volume 1
Hippie Priest – Come On In
hoodie (Exael + Uon) – silpsilver
HØST – “Valhalla (3ASiC Remix)”
Huey Mnemonic – Huey Mnemonic
Imka – I Know Where All The Skeletons Are Buried
Isola – EP1
ISRAFIL – depression bootlegs
Jammz x Jon Phonics – Man Of The Match
Jelani – “Teleportation Device”
Jenifa Mayanja – “Table For One”
John FM – American Spirit
Jonus Eric – Pentagon Palette
Jo Rad Silver – Company Lab
Jozef K – Lost City Archives 001
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – The Mosaic Of Transformation (Remixes)
Kamran (FKA Moleskin) – Transmission
King Midas Sound – It’s TIme…
Kuma – No Surrender
Kush Jones – Strictly 4 My CDJZ 11
KZRC – “Paid In Full (NDATL Saldisco Remix)”
Laksa – Sen On One
Loraine James – Nothing
Lotic – “Cocky”
Machinedrum – “Believe In U” & “Star” feat. Mono/Poly & Tanerélle
Maes – Navy Cut 014
Makeness – “Friend Credit”
Mdhttr – 001102
Monophonik – Resume Form
Moor Mother – Forever Industries
MR 28GRAMS – Ville Valoton presents MR 28GRAMS: 28 GRAMS IN A JAR (FREESTYLES)
Neneh Cherry – Broken Politics Remixes (remixes by Forest Swords and whattodo, all proceeds go to The Black Trans Project)

object blue & TVSI – Hyperaesthesia
Off The Meds – “Karlaplan”
Otik – Amor​/​Seasonal FX
oui ennui – “For T-2 (Not For Nothing)”
Paradise 3001 – Low Sun Archives
Parris – Polychrome Swim
Perc Trax – Fire In Negative
Scott Grooves – Technique EP
Slam – “Strange Dayz (Volume One)”
• Reggie Dokes – “T Pain (Wake Up Dead ’90s House Remix)”, Introducing Brian Neal
Richenel – From The Archives
Rings Around Saturn – THX Assassin
Russell E.L. Butler – Blah Blah
Ryan James Ford – Six Stair
Shinedoe – Ahimsa
Silicon Scally – Dormant
Slow – “Daugpis”
SPACEGH0ST – Space Coaster w/ Ali Berger’s House Coaster
Superabundance (Jackson Ryland & Max D) – Sampler
Tender Games – “The Coin Heist”
Thessa Torsing / Tammo Hesselink – Zeekasteel / Ballet Mécanique
The Growth Eternal – “XIV. @MarcKings”
Will Hofbauer – Where Did All The Hay Go?
Will Lister – “Static Under” (all proceeds go to Hackney’s Sistah Space)

Xyla – “Just Me And You (Lofi Edit)”

Labels, initiatives, offers and more

• Arca’s Mutants1000000 Discord community has released a charity compilation
Hyperdub has repressed and restocked several notable releases in its catalogue
• Paris-based collective Possession have launched their own label with a five-part compilation series
Rhythm Section International are offering 15 percent off with code “bandcampweekend”