Bandcamp Friday Buyer's Guide: May 1st

Bandcamp is donating all its usual fees to artists today, Friday, March 20th, as the scene grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.

As well as all the many new releases, some labels are choosing to direct all today’s proceeds to the artists, while others are donating their share of sales to charity. (Some labels are extending the discount beyond today.)

It’s a big world out there, so we’ve compiled an alphabetical list of new releases and participating labels. Dig in.

Tracks & EPs

Adam BFD – “L’apogée”
• Ali Berger – Dream Energy & The Stew
Ami Dang – Meditations Mixtape Vol. 1 [LEAVING]

Aquarian – Don’t Look Back In Hanger: Edits 2014-2019
Arjun Vagale – Archives // A
Aspetuck – Demos
Baby T (B. Traits) – Portra [Samurai]

Bella Boo – Hey Ladies [Puss]

Big Miz – “Sonder” / “Opia” [Unknown To The Unknown]

Big Voyage – “Electroencephalogram”
Bit Folder – Silicon Frontier [CPU]

Blazer Sound System / CS + Kreme – Tanka Riddim / Crushed Cream

[Efficient Space]

Bored Lord – Beltane
Carmen Villain – “So High You’re Mine”
Champion & Mina – XYLA
Cromie – Splits
D.K. – Eighteen Movements
DJ Judy (MarceauxMarceaux) – Welcome To Hell
Doxa & Kilbourne – Ham Shop
Dreamcycles – Future Lights And Archetypes [Queeste]

Eiko Ishibashi – Memory Of Future
exael + special guest dj – wub life / circle
Factor XIII – Xtracting First Blood [Club D’érange]

Fennec – “Finding Rest In A Weary World”
Fixate – Glare [Exit Records]

Freddy Fresh – 1996 [Earwiggle]

Gag Reflex – The Fae [Naivety]

• Hej Fund – HFGTX01 & “Laps”
Hodge – Lost Trax Part 2
Jabru – “Glass Floor” (Radiophonic Workshop Remix)>
Jay Glass Dubs – “Shape” feat. Jasmine [Berceuse Heroique, sampler from forthcoming LP, Soma, with Hodge remix]

JD Twitch – May Day [Optimo Music]

Jex Opolis – Net Loss
Jordan GCZ – Lushlyfe III
Khotin – Archive 13-15 Vol. 1
Klein Zage – Tip Me Baby One More Time [fundraiser for restaurant workers]

Kuma – Den Sounds
Lakker Rave System – Demos 2005-2006
Lawrence English – Lassitude
Lionmilk & Mndsgn – Forever In Your Sun [LEAVING]

Liquid Earth (Urulu) – Liquid Earth
Lo Kindre – Dusk /Grey Skies [Phase Group]

Lord Of The Isles & Ellen Renton – Whities 029
Loscil – Faults, Coasts, Lines
Matthew Mercer – Separate
Memory Scales – Music Files Vol. 1
Midnight Blue (Moving Still & Kobina) – City At Dawn
Mistareez – Pure Acne [Angels Never Expire]

Nailah Hunter – “Nacre Meadow” [LEAVING]

Nick Léon – Refraction
Northworks – Magnetics
okachiho – groove 12 [outlines]

Open Courts (Ana Sia & Hej Fund) – OPC001
Pacific Coliseum – Silenzio Vol. 1
Patrick Holland – Simstim
Pär Grindvik & Pfirter – “Neu” / “Mover” [Stockholm LTD]

Perko – Places / Spaces
Planet Dust – 640
quest?onmarc – FOR CLUB USE ONLY (? x Club Chai Exclusives)
Romaal Kultan – Everlasting Romance [Tiff’s Joints]

SDEM – Vortical Shredder
Sim Hutchins – “MKAT NOT MDMA”
Soul Ipsum – One Wish
Steamroom (Jim O’Rourke) – Steamroom 48
Strategy – Everywhere And Nowhere
Strict Face – “Wildcat”
Tiro! – Hoover Days
Tomu DJ – Tomu DJ
Unknown Mobile – Leafy Edits Vol. 1
WHEEZ-IE – Loose Trax 3
Zodiac (Monty Luke & Brendon Moeller) – Truth Decay
ZULI – Trigger Finger Remixes


ASC – Pattern Recognition: First Sequence [Auxiliary]

Ben Lukas Boysen – Mirage [Erased Tapes]

Christina Vantzou & John Also Bennett – Landscape Architecture
Cocktail Party Effect – Cocktail Party Effect [Tectonic]

dBridge – Inhibited [Exit Records]

Dro Carey – Three new albums
Elysia Crampton – ORCORARA 2010 [PAN]

Florentino – Love 2 Hate | Hate 2 Love
Klein – Frozen
Hoshina Anniversary – Odoriko 2.0 [Alien Jams]

IHHH Memory Palace [Salmon Universe]

Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – Care Tracts [LEAVING]

M. Geddes Gengras – Time Makes Nothing Happen
Matthew Dear – Backstroke 3
Matthew Patterson Curry – Scores Vol. 1 [Mysteries Of The Deep]

Max D – Shaping & Drizzling Glass [Future Times]

• Nathan Micay – The World I’m Going To Hell For [LuckyMe]

Nereid (ASC) – Selected Works [Warped Core]

Niagara – Pais & Filhos [Príncipe]

Oliver Ho – Oliver Ho Archives Vol. 1
Peder Mannerfelt – Live At Atonal 2015
Physical Therapy: Hyperextension: The Complete Remixes Vol. 1
Plant43 – The Countless Stones
Sam KDC – Temperance
Sarah Davachi – Five Cadences
Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan, Alex Twomey – Saturday Night [Recital]

Secret Circuit – Drive Diggers 15
Stephen Mallinder (of Cabaret Voltaire) – Pow Wow [reissue of 1982 LP on Suction]

William Basinski & Richard Chartier – Something From The Pink House
XqST (Exquisite Corpse) – ∀∃ [Isla]


Best Effort Records – Stay In Bed Vol. 1
C12 – Social Distancing 1.2
Coastal Haze: The Album
First Second Label – *Completely Sold Out Rarity
Fault Radio – Waking The Doldrums [Bay Area artists benefit compilation]

Five Miles – Five Miles From Home
Good Room – Alone Together
Huntleys + Palmers – BLTRSX
Hyperboloid Records – ISO
L.I.E.S. – An Easy Way Out For Those Who Can’t Escape
Mana Records – Dream Tech
Measure Divide – Isolate Exp 005
Nocturne – From Belfast With Love Volume 1
Optimo Music – Hidden In Plain Sight: Dance Floor Deep Cuts From The Optimo Music Catalogue
Qu Junktions – Hope You’re Well
Quarantine Sonic Squad – DAL de Vivre
R&S Records – In Order To Care
Radio Benska – A Gallup Unchained
Studio Barnhus – Serenity Now, Insanity Later

Other goodies

• Foundational American synth band Emeralds have re-released their whole catalogue, along with some unheard goodies

broken20 has a raft of new releases ranging from techno to experimental and ambient.

• Irish house and techno producer TR One has uploaded most of his work.

• J. Sparrow’s label Navy Cut has released a handful of new dubstep-leaning EPs

Since the pandemic began, we’ve been focusing heavily on Bandcamp as the most direct way to support artists, including with weekly roundups. Check out our previous roundups for more great Bandcamp releases:

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More ways to help #SaveOurScene: buy music and merch, sign petitions, offer and receive support, donate, attend virtual events.