A new, limited CD compiles key Underground Resistance tracks

Underground Resistance has released a limited-edition CD called Assembly Unite Resist Chance.

The 12-track CD looks over the Detroit collective’s legendary catalogue and includes iconic ’90s cuts like “Message To the Majors” and “I AM UR,” as well as tracks like “Kill My Radio Station” and the Marc Floyd-prduced “The Safety Is Off.

“Sonic Destroyer,” the timeless track from X-101 (UR co-founders Robert Hood, Jeff Mills and Mike Banks) appears on the compilation, as does “Silicon Saigon,” the 1997 production from Banks’ The Hostile alias.

Listen to the Underground Resistance RA Podcast.

Listen to “Sonic Destroyer.”

01. Kill My Radio Station

02. Kut (Heavy Analog Deployment)

03. Message To The Majors

04. Riot

05. The Force

06. Sonic Destroyer

07. I AM UR

08. Silicon Saigon

09. Code Of Honour

10. Electronic Warfare

11. The Safety Is Off

12. Hold My Own

Assembly Unite Resist Chance is out now via Underground Resistance.