Bam Bam and Renzel unite.

After kung-fu fighting in “The Chairman’s Intent,” Action Bronson taps Rick Ross for “9-24-7000,” the latest release f his forthcoming album Blue Chips 7000.

Opening up with a line about his similarities to Sting, Bronsolino compares himself to other stars. “Fuck the bullshit,” he raps. “November rain came the same day / My daughter taught me how to do the ‘Nae Nae’ to Calle 13 / Only compare me to Kevin Spacey or Rubén Blades.”

Mr. Wonderful ends his verse by jumping into the ocean in a wetsuit so that Ricky Renzel can kick f his rhyme. “I love when rude bitches end up as new bitches,” he raps. “Skipping school bitches cooking me food bitches / All my ni**as down, we looking like Fu-Shnickens / Got a few tickets for bitches who truly dig us.”

“9-24-7000” follows “Let Me Breathe” and “The Chairman’s Intent” f the forthcoming Blue Chips 7000, which also features appearances by Big Body Bes, Mayhem Lauren, and Jah Tiger. The album is due Aug. 25 through VICE/Atlantic.

Up next, Bam Bam’s “Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson” matchmaking-dating show will hit Snapchat VICE on Aug. 30, just before his “F*ck, That’s Delicious” book hits stores Sept. 12. Beyond that, Bronsolino is filming the next season “FTD” while developing a new late night program through VICE, as well.

Blue Chips 7000 Tracklisting

1. “Wolfpack”
2. “La Luna”
3. “The Chairman’s Intent”
4. “Hot Pepper” feat. Meyhem Lauren & Jah Tiger
5. “Bonzai”
6. “Let It Rain”
7. “My Right Lung”
8. “Tank” feat. Big Body Bes
9. “Let Me Breathe”
10. “9-24-7000” feat. Rick Ross
11. “The Choreographer”
12. “Chop Chop Chop”
13. “Durag vs. Headband” feat. Big Body Bes

  • New Music: Action Bronson feat. Rick Ross  '9-24-7000'