Yungblud reveals original 'Notting Hill' inspired concept for 'Weird!' video

Yungblud has revealed his original plans for the video for latest single ‘Weird!’ which were scuppered by coronavirus.

The musician released the track on April 27, with all the visuals filmed by the musician from lockdown in an AirBnB and augmented with colourful effects and remote appearances by friends and family.

In a new interview, the Doncaster-born artist has said that he was planning an ambitious Notting Hill-inspired film to go along with the song, and that he might still shoot it once lockdown is eased.

Speaking to PopBuzz, he said: “I had this mental one-shot thing that I still want to do. We made this video for a hundred quid at home, so I think we might be able to scrape the barrel, see if we can do a proper one for it.”

“Do you remember that scene in Notting Hill when he’s walking down Notting Hill High Street and there’s a transition of nine months in time to ‘Ain’t No Sunshine?’ Well, I just wanted to do that about the world just being fucking mad.”

Yungblud initially previewed ‘Weird!’ in an exclusive interview with NME.

“I was going for an LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode thing,” he said of his ambitions for the song. “I wanted a naivety to the song because this is a coming of age record.”