The Flaming Lips share dreamy new album opener

The Flaming Lips have shared a new track from their upcoming album – you can listen to ‘Will You Return / When You Come Down’ below.

The track is the fifth release from upcoming album, ‘American Head’ which is set for release next month on September 11.

Other tracks shared so far include ‘You n Me Sellin’ Weed’, ‘Dinosaurs On The Mountain’, ‘My Religion Is You’ and ‘Flowers of Neptune 6.’ 

You can listen to ‘Will You Return / When You Come Down’, which is the opening track from their upcoming new album, below.

‘American Head’ is produced by the band’s long-term collaborator, Dave Fridmann and will feature Kacey Musgraves on a number of the album’s 13 tracks. Musgraves offers backing vocals on ‘Flowers of Neptune 6’ and will appear on unreleased tracks ‘Watching the Lightbugs Glow’ and ‘God and the Policeman’.

Speaking about the upcoming album, Wayne Coyne said: “So… for most of our musical life we’ve kind of thought of ourselves as coming from ‘Earth’…not really caring where we were actually from. So for the first time in our musical life we began to think of ourselves as ‘An American Band’…telling ourselves that it would be our identity for our next creative adventure.

“We had become a seven-piece ensemble and were beginning to feel more and more of a kinship with groups that have a lot of members in them. We started to think of classic American bands like The Grateful Dead and Parliament-Funkadelic and how maybe we could embrace this new vibe.”

Reviewing The Flaming Lips’ last album, ‘King’s Mouth’, NME said: “Though ‘The King’s Mouth’ is rumoured to be a Coyne solo album in all but name and a stop-gap before a further Lips album next year, it finds the band more playful, melodic, cinematic and cohesive than they have since ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’.

“…The Flaming Lips float above and outside our dimension, in a bubble all their own. And after a decade of dark shades, it’s finally glowing primary colours again.”