The Artist Born With No Face Drops A New Song “Any Worze” Shortly After having Released “Cool As Me”

Born with no face and orange skin in the dead cold of 1998’s winter, is an indie artist who has an impressive number of around 1M monthly listeners on Spotify. The fictional character he has created for himself could explain the reasons for this incredible success, but in reality the wide appeal he triggers mainly comes from the music itself. Talented to the point where he can bring back influences from the past and transform them into the most interesting contemporary sound we’ve come across in the indie scene lately, clearly audible on his two latest releases, “Cool As Me” and “Any Worze.”  

Sonically jaw-dropping, “Any Worze” comes as a follow-up to his previous release, “Cool As Me,” a poetic song about a break-up he experienced. The singer-songwriter and poet does a wonderful job at both delivering powerfully moving and poetic lyrics paired with a contemporary fusion of sounds including rock and alt-rock textures that give the overall sonic experience an indie feel.