Only those who have listened to Snails, NGHTMRE, and Akylla’s original rendition of “Only Want U” numerous times would be able to identify the similarities in Kill The Noise‘s surprising remix of the track.

The introduction opens with an Afroman level of funk infusion, and melts into slightly cunning vocal edits not featured in the original. Those familiar with Kill The Noise’s previous productions might feel a bit surprised after the first minute of the track given its calmer nature, but this surprise soon becomes familiarity once the track drops into a cacaphony of shrill synthesis and heavy dubstep rhythms. Luckily, a moment of respite follows at the end, when the remix drifts slowly off into a field of bass breaks. Such a wide range of influences and styles in three minutes makes for quite the captivating listen, but those who love the original should not go into listening to the remix looking for similarities between the two.

Photo Credit: BBC