Kaytranada just dropped his first new music since his remix of The Internet’s “Roll” went viral earlier this year. In fact, the Toronto producer has released four total original tracks, the first that he’s not been a featured producer or remixer on and called only his own in nearly two years.

The tracks are re-envisionings of sorts, a technique that Kaytranada has mastered and become known for. The first features soul queen Sade and her 1993 single “Kiss of Life,” ready made for a velvet, dimly lit lounge with its smooth groove. The second song in the batch features another hit from that year, from rap group A Tribe Called Quest. “The Night Is On My Mind” is of the same name but of more inspiration than recreation. Still as groovy as it gets, it features simple, but effective samples of the original.

The two final tracks have been released as seemingly what Kay has them saved on his computer, “KAYTRA2018 04 27” and “KAYTRA2018 03 19.” Apparently he’s been saving these laid back instrumentals since the spring of this year, and hearing them now serves as another reminder to why Kaytranada is one of the best in the game.