My last trip took me from Brazil to Florida. I was in Florida visiting my mother who I took to the beach (Orlando) along with some family. While enjoying some fun in the sun I noticed group of people filming..... At 1st I thought music video but, when I looked close it was for a movie. A movie called "Heaven's Abandoned" written & produced by "Raxiel Liz". I had the privilege of speaking with some of the cast (Alex, Coya & Raxiel). I was informed that it is a small budget film but, with a enormous story line! I was not only impress by the diversity of the cast (Indian, Hispanic, Black, Korean, & White & more) but, also blown away at the fact that not only was the story to the movie intriguing, but, they also allowed be to view the 1st official trailer to the movie. I was captured right way in the opening line of the trailer when the character says "Imagine being in love with someone you never met, someone you are not even sure if they exist...... would you die for that person? BOOM!!!!! Then the trailer took off from, gun fights, camera flashes & great,music!!! According to "Raxiel" the love story in the movie isn't even really the main source of the movie. In fact all he could tell me was the source & slogan to the movie is "We've been here before" He showed me a few pics & the trailer & I was sold!!!! Below are instagram, Facebook & twitter pages to the movie along with the 1st official trailer! Follow the pages & look at for this indie movie set to be released early 2017.
Instagram: @heavensabandonedmovie
Twitter: @heavens abandon
Trailer link: