The One Direction star released Sweet Creature, the second track released from his highly-anticipated debut solo album, but people think it sounds like a Beatles classic.

Twitter is filled with tweets comparing Harry's single to the rock legend's 1968 hit Blackbird, specifically the opening guitar riff.

"The beginning sweet creature sounds like blackbird by the beatles kinda? or is that just me (sic)," tweeted one person.

"Honestly harry is gonna get sued for sweet creature bc how similar it is to blackbird lmao," another wrote.

Another Twitter user said: "Feel like a plagiarism case between Harry Styles Sweet Creature and the Beatles Blackbird #sameintro #plagarism #howdareyou."


Here's Sweet Creature

And here's Blackbird

Lots Harry's fans have been happily comparing the two songs and seem pleased that he's inspired by the song from The Beatles' 1968 album.

It was written by Sir Paul McCartney as a comment on race relations in the US during the 1960s.