Your EDM Premiere: Super Duper Unveils Euphoric Double Single, "Quiver / Sleepwalking" [Fader Label] | Your EDM

Nashville’s very own, Super Duper, is an incredibly talented artist who’s consistently pushed his sound to new heights. He’s served as an inspiration not only in the music city but also in the entire electronic music community for the music he’s created. His music has resonated to the tune of millions of streams, support from Spotify’s essential playlists like Brain Food, and a slew of #1 slots on the HypeM popular chart alike. Super Duper’s work has also been featured by Google, Lexus, Playstation, and ESPN, not to mention notching a Clio award for scoring the trailer to Steve McQueen’s new motion picture Widows.

He is continuing his hot streak in 2020 with a stunning double release called “Quiver / Sleepwalking”, via FADER Label. “Quiver” is a bittersweet daydream featuring cathartic vocals from Lonas, offering a sensational, euphoric feeling listening the whole way through.”Sleepwalking” picks up the pace, offering an uplifting slice of soulful exhilaration that can’t help but give you an overwhelming feeling of joy. Super Duper explains:

This song was written and produced with my executive producer / collaborator, Robert Marvin. We took an old demo of mine that was never finished and chopped it up to try and bring new life to it. The results sound nothing like the original but it inspired a really fun song so that old demo served its purpose as a springboard for something better. Just proof that no idea should be wasted! Might just need to remix yourself to get something special :).”

Stream “Quiver / Sleepwalking” by Super Duper below!