Spotify Quietly Removes "Appears On" Section & People Are Pissed

This morning, Twitter lit up asking, “Why the f*ck did Spotify remove the Appears On section from artists’ profiles?” For those unaware of the feature, the Appears On section directs users to other artists and collaborations an artist has appeared on, many of which don’t come up on their own main profile. This is especially true for frequent remixers, and especially vocalists.

Forum posts dating back as far as January make mention of the section being removed, though it’s been apparently reintroduced and removed again as recently as April from then until now. But now, the move seems to be far more widespread — and people are angry.

“The appears on section was terrible already, since NONE of that traffic contributed to monthly listeners,” wrote Tori Letzler, aka TINYKVT, on Twitter. “Now it’s just gone all together, it’s legit like my work fucking doesn’t exist.”

As a streaming service, discoverability should be part of its core tenets, but apparently Spotify doesn’t see it that way. @SpotifyCares has responded to a few people on Twitter regarding the issue, instructing them to log out and back in, closing the app, and other possible remedies, but to no avail. It might seem like a glitch, apparently, but the number of users it’s affecting is more widespread than ever. Hopefully Spotify corrects this soon.


Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Image