NEW STUDY: 82% of Festival Attendees Ready To Return To Live Events

Whether or not it’s safe for live events just yet, fans are ready to get back at it!

According to Festicket, 82% of festivalgoers are ready to return to live events and 82% of respondents would return to live events within the next six months if given the opportunity.

Furthermore, approximately 33% of the participants across the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands say they’d “feel confident to attend a festival immediately after lockdown is lifted.”

After two to three months, 35% would feel comfortable attending events. After six months, an additional 16% would return to events, granted the lockdown is lifted.

Festicket marketing director Luis Sousa said: “Despite all the current uncertainty, it’s reassuring to see a high percentage of festivalgoers have a positive outlook for the live events industry, backed up by over 75% saying they’d feel comfortable booking events for 2021.”

Festicket surveyed 110,000 people for this study.

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Sources: Festicket, IQ Mag