Max Styler Drops 7-Track LP 'Body High' Full of Nostalgia and House | Your EDM

Max Styler has house music and only house music on his mind with his brand new album Body High.

With his latest collection of tunes, Styler hones in on everything four-to-the-floor. He combines these infectious beats with the rhythm and energy inspired by 90’s rave hits and piano anthems. For example, tracks featuring vocalists Sanna Martinez, Jimmy Nevis, and Laura White are prime examples of piano house at it’s best.

Then you have tracks that tease the good ol’ days of rave music. On “Got The Feeling,” the acidic 303 bass line harkens to a different time in sound production. Meanwhile, “Echo Over Me” is a huge callback to the dance anthem “Show Me Love” by Steve Angello, Laidback Luke, and Robin S. From the melodic structure to the pads that fill the space, Max Styler takes these elements and updates the song with technical precision on the hi-hats, synths, and bass lines.

It’s been a minute since Max Styler dropped an album. 2016 saw the Dim Mak native drop his debut album Heartache exploring the growing sounds of trap and future bass and embracing them to the core of his sound. From there, his 2018 Feel It EP began to show a turn in his sonic aspirations. This and his follow-up Supernatural EP became examples of Styler’s continued interest and growth in house music.

This album brings a brush of nostalgic house music with tight, modern production. If that fits you’re soundtrack, Body High by Max Styler is the album you’re looking for.