Illenium Opens Up To Aspiring Artists To Submit Demos For Feedback

Few artists haven’t yet taken advantage of the new streaming culture that we currently find ourselves in, thanks to widespread quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19. Illenium is one of the big ones, who by all metrics has the capacity to stream, but doesn’t. (You can read why here.)

Though he still won’t be streaming music, he will be hopping on Twitch tomorrow for a feedback stream.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to give some aspiring producers honest feedback on their songs/wips,” he says. “Feel free to send a tune in my Discord server. I’ll be listening to them on my Twitch stream on Wednesday 5/27 at 5pm PST!”

You can find Illenium’s Discord here. Only submit 320kbps MP3 files (no links) in the #feedback channel, submissions close Wednesday at 12pm PST.


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