GRiZ Offers His Own (Very Different) Perspective On Fans Bootlegging Artist Merch

Earlier this morning, Ganja White Night came under fire on Twitter for how they chose to address the issue of fans selling bootleg merch. In the ensuing Twitter storm, GRiZ’s PSA on the same subject from just last month was shared a number of times.

Now, GRiZ, ever a beacon of positivity and good vibes, is back to offer some deeper insight into both last month’s PSA and the current situation.

Firstly, he clarifies that his views reflect on no one but himself and his own situation. He says that people selling bootleg merch are either fans showing their creativity or “con artists tryna make a buck,” and you can’t really know which one is which or control it.

But he used to be the one playing shows in exchange for work, trucking across the country for a gig, sleeping in cars, the whole shebang.

“It’s been a tough road, but now I’m here to support,” he says. “This statement is for the grinders. The try hards. The pack your life in an SUV drive across the country to play shows for free. The been doin this shit for 10 years. The ones dropped outta college to follow passion. This for u.”

Read his whole statement below.


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