Ganja White Night Under Fire For Comparing Selling Others' OnlyFans Content To Bootleg Merch

UPDATE 10:45AM PDT | Ganja White Night have posted a sincere apology in the wake of dozens of people reaching out in the replies, and learning about why their word choice was so aggravating to some.

It’s a little early for Twitter drama, but time has no meaning anymore in quarantine so here we are.

Early this morning, Ganja White Night tweeted and deleted: “If you buy unofficial GWN merch with our logo on it, we’ll subscribe to your onlyfans and sell all your nudes for 50% cheaper than you do.”

The analogy was made to highlight the fact that selling another person’s copyrighted material for profit is illegal. Hundreds of artists have to deal with fans selling bootleg merch, but none so far have come out with such a vitriolic comparison that essentially equates to revenge porn.

When Your EDM reached out to Ganja White Night’s management for a statement, the duo put out a follow up tweet four minutes later attempting to explain their original offending tweet.

Intent withstanding or not, GWN are public figures and saying something like that could validate another person to feel that it’s okay to do the same thing. But yes, that could be a reach. Still, not every “joke” is a good one, and their response is akin to YouTube channels that explain away their content by saying, “it was just a prank bro.”

Plenty of people have found fault with their original sentiment, and others feel there was nothing wrong, as well.

Griz provides an example of how GWN could have handled the issue, though we recognize not ever creative will have the same mentality.


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