FIRST LISTEN: K?D Unleashes Three Unreleased Songs from Debut Album

We’ve seen k?d reference his forthcoming debut album a bit in the past few months, but it seems recently he’s been leaning even heavier into talking about it on social media. During his set for Room Service this past weekend (which you can now see in full below), he dropped three new IDs from the album.

Better yet, you don’t even have to go digging for them — k?d dropped all the new IDs in a convenient Instagram post for you to go back and listen to as often as you like. The first is a wildly emotional, staggered-synth sort of futuristic vibe that packs a lot of punch while still being abundantly beautiful.

The second is another feels-y track with more vocal chops and a heavier bassline. It breaks for a second and comes back with an even more effervescent future bass drop. The third and final drop is the same sort of basic formula, with wildly different ingredients. It’s glitchy and future bass with a bit more of a Porter vibe to it, and an addictive tempo.

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Watch the full set below!


Photo by Nicole Busch