Colorado’s First Dubstep Drive-In Is Going Down This Summer

We’ve seen drive-in raves happening in the news — like this one — and now Colorado has announced plans to host its very own. DenversDom is excited to present Colorado’s First Dubstep Drive-In, going down June 11, 2020.

This unique concert experience will be the first of its kind in Colorado, featuring live performances by Midnight Tyrannosaurus, OG Nixin, Benda Music, and Mother Lotus. The show’s audio will be transmitted through vehicles FM Stereo, so working radio and speakers are key.

The event is keeping CDC guidelines in mind, with cars instructed to park their minimum distance apart in accordance with safety regulations. Guests are also instructed to remain in their vehicles, unless using the restroom or buying concessions.

Tickets start at $150 each for a mid-sized car up to 5 people. No refunds.

See the event page here.