Bassnectar's Highly Anticipated Lockdown Mixtape Is Here, But It's Only On One Platform

Bassnectar’s new mixtape, Inside For The People, is out today exclusively on Apple Music. (Other platforms to follow tomorrow.)

The mix features a bunch of flips and edits from Bassnectar, as well as two tracks off his upcoming album All Colors (just labeled “ID” on the tracklist), due out this summer. And can I just say, oh my, that first track…

You can listen below right now if you have Apple Music, otherwise wait until tonight as it’s released everywhere else. You can also head to Bassnectar’s YouTube tonight at 9pm PST for a listening party with an exclusive custom-crafted art showcase from Android Jones, Phntm Labs, Antic Studios, Joshua Davis, Fractually, DataBye, and Fractaled Visions.