It’s not hard to imagine LCD Soundsystem‘s tunes having an even more thoughtful, even groovier feel than they already do. The indie rock group is helmed by a once-upon-a-time DJ, after all. Not to mention, their latest studio album American Dream was a significant dance with the indie-pop tag, as it leans wholeheartedly on squelching synth pleasantries with tracks like “tonite” and others. But now, two dance mavens have got behind the booth with LCD, driving the band further into the dance realm than ever before.

Innervisions label boss Dixon has put his own touch on “i used to,” repurposing the track at its seams into newly illuminated dance-appropriate attire. Lovefingers, too, has put his own touch two times over on “oh baby,” dancing with the guitar and adding glitzy new drum tracks and a flickering bass line into the mix.