— FXRBES (@FXRBES) June 14, 2016

Earlier this year, Florida rappers Denzel Curry and SpaceGhostPurrp engaged in a little back and forth as they exchanged diss records after SGP disrespected the deceased A$AP Yams. Now it seems the two have put their problems behind them.

Frequent Denzel Curry collaborator FXRBES posted a couple thoughts about their reconciliation on Twitter, saying, “Nell comes home in a few weeks, Purrp and Curry are good. Need I say more?”

But an affiliate of Curry named XXXTENTACION (who was on one of the initial SGP diss tracks) wasn’t so quick to bury the hatchet. “This the goofiest shit I seen in 2k16,” he said while retweeting the picture of Denzel and SGP. He followed that up by saying he’d be distancing himself from the whole thing.

Soon after, Denzel felt the need to share his own thoughts on the matter. In a now-deleted Twitter rant, he says he’s “not friends with either” Purrp or XXXTENTACION, but wishes them well.

Here’s what Curry said in a series of eight tweets.

“People asking why I squashed it I’m asking why should still beef with someone when I’m elevating. Me and Purrp squashed it X is not ULT. That’s what it is. I’m not friends with neither. And I don’t fuck with Mike Dece either. But I wish the best for all of ‘yall. I’m no longer working with nobody from the underground. Shit wack as hell now. Nell, Rell, Mook, Lofty, Ruben, Posh, Freebase Ronny, Nick, Yoshi, JK, Sdot, Simmie, Twelve’len and that’s it. Don’t mention your favorite underground rapper either. All of them are just the same fake. I helped niggas and get disrespected.”

The reason you all have a South Florida underground scene is because of the foundation we laid.

— FXRBES (@FXRBES) June 15, 2016

The key component to the underground is Purrp, whether you respect him or not. He's that light and most of you are carbon copies of him.

— FXRBES (@FXRBES) June 15, 2016

Nell comes home in a few weeks, Purrp and Curry are good. Need I say more?

— FXRBES (@FXRBES) June 15, 2016

Y'all know who the real Gods of this underground shit is, stop pretending.

— FXRBES (@FXRBES) June 15, 2016

this the goofiest shit I seen in 2k16

— MAKE OUT HILL – XXX (@xxxtentacion) June 15, 2016

you're right brother, I'll just be no part of it, with all respects to everyone in ult, I'll be taking my leave.

— MAKE OUT HILL – XXX (@xxxtentacion) June 16, 2016


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