To start your day and week f in a relaxing mood we found some melodic deep bass music to enjoy from a couple newly discovered artists, Plantrae and binrose. Rising Denmark DJ, binrose catches our attention with his beautiful and tranquil single, ‘Sorry’.

‘Sorry’ gently lays down a deep bass beat while looping in distant female vocals that pleasantly hit the ear. The future elements binrose uses will be sure to bring you to a calm state. Make sure to pick up this track as a free download by .

Enjoy hearing binrose exploring and studying the different facets future electronic music.

Listen to and binrose’s ‘Sorry’:

Plantrae grabbed our attention during a sunrise set at this year with his tranquil and galactic single ‘Invisible Forest’.

He has also been gaining a worldly following with his earthy beats after performing at Lightning In A Bottle, The World Beyond, Collaborations, and Visionary Summit.

Plantrae comments after his set at Oregon Eclipse: 

‘Invisible Forest’ is about remembering to see whats right in front us. Take the time to listen to this track grow. It is always a pleasure hearing him play the violin over deep basslines. Make sure to pick up ‘Invisible Forest’ as a free download by .

The subtle yet satisfying drop will have you hooked.

Listen to and PLANTRAE’s ‘Invisible Forest’:

Listen to and  PLANTRAE’s ‘Dance Of The Insect Soldiers’:

Plantrae elaborates on the deeper meaning to his single ‘Dance Of The Insect Soldiers’:

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