A Moment with Tito Montana
I had the pleasure of catching up with BMG artist and New York's own Tito Montana, fresh off his European tour. The tour titled “The Boom Bap/Why Not Me” tour consisted of Tito and the Throwback King of NY, DJ Tekwun. The power duo hit 5 countries in 2 weeks and it was considered a success.
If you're not familiar with the name Tito Montana you should be. He has been doing music basically his whole life but professionally since 2009. He is the founder and CEO of Final Score Entertainment. A record label based out of Poughkeepsie, NY. He wanted to find a way to help other aspiring artist and give them an outlet for their work. He is well known in the New York area for giving back to his community and helping those in need, especially working with the youth. He has several songs and videos on various media outlets. His videos for Back to Sleep (freestyle), Ghetto which showcases the youth and my personal favorite 6:01AM, have been viewed and streamed thousands of times.
I asked Tito how did this tour come about, he responded it was a promotional tour for DJ Tekwun's Boom Bap College Show and Tek asked him if he'd like to come along. Since he was already doing the “Why Not Me” campaign of his own at the time it was an excellent opportunity to expose the European culture to him and his music. 

A Moment with Tito Montana

When asked if the crowds were familiar with any of his songs, 
he said no because it was a promotional tour, something like a showcase.
There were stops in major countries on this tour with powerful performances. They hit up London, Germany, France, Scotland and his personal favorite Amsterdam. There is already talk of a return trip possibly next year. I asked if he did any shopping to which he replied only for his kids. He was there on business and treated
 it as such. He takes his craft very seriously and feels if God gives you a gift you should use it to the fullest.
The last and probably most important question I asked Tito Montana was, “Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for other indie artist looking to expand their fan base and travel?” He paused for a moment and responded “Connections are important. internet interferes with networking and making good connections. Face to face is still the best
 way.” “Keep your style authentic, reach out and touch the people, get out of your comfort zone and go spread your music and talk to people outside your area. Take promotional materials with you and pass them out but also talk to the people while you do it, so they can get to know you. In other words be personable.
Be sure to follow his Why Not Me campaign which is part of bigger things going on in 2016 for Mr. Montana including the release of his new music project titled “Why Not Me?” due out this summer. Also follow him on twitter @IAM_TITOMONTANA and @FinalScoreENT