In the spirit the holiday season, some our favorite artists have decided to fer up some tunes for free download. From a chilled-out Blessthefall cover by Ray Volpe, to a new “Purple Dragon” VIP by Virtual Riot and more, there’s more than enough music to scare your relatives with at Christmas dinner.

Check them out below!

Ray Volpe – “Bless The Fall” 

is giving back to fans this holiday season with a cover/flip Blessthefall’s “To Hell and Back” featuring his own vocals and a beautiful melodic drop. We always love when we see a different side to the dubstep DJ/producer and this time is no different. 

Virtual Riot – “Purple Dragons” (Dragons VIP)

Virtual Riot has finally dropped his long-awaited Dragons VIP “Purple Dragons” and teases more even more new releases on the way! We didn’t think “Purple Dragons” could get any heavier, but damn, were we wrong.

Buku – “Front to Back” (Dirt Monkey Remix)

“Front to Back” was one  our favorite releases 2016, so we’re excited to see Dirt Monkey bring it back with some extra wubs for a remix that will most definitely keep you warm this winter. We definitely think this might be our favorite “Front To Back” remix yet!